Inventory and Awareness on Land Use Management Policies in Southern Leyte, Philippines

Beatriz C. Jadina, Meriza M. Saga


Current problems in land degradation throughout the country are serious manifestations of improper land use. This study sought to inventory national laws and local ordinances related to land use management; determine the sources and the process of information flow of policies from the Local Government Units (LGU) to the people in the community; assess the awareness and acceptability of enacted ordinances; and recommend policies for appropriate action by Southern Leyte local government units. The Internet is the source of downloaded secondary data on environmental laws and the survey questionnaire and conversational interviews conducted produced the primary data. There were 17 national laws and seven ordinances inventoried in this study. Respondents had the highest awareness (53.33 %)on RA 9003 (Solid Waste Management Act); 52.00% for RA 3844 (An Act to Ordain the Agricultural Reform Code and to Institute Land Reforms in the Philippines) and RA 7907 (An amendment of RA 3844); the rest of the laws had below 50% awareness level. Moreover, the respondents got the highest awareness (54.67%) on Ordinance No. 2007-04, a regulation for the taking, removal and disposition of quarry resources while the rest had below 50% level. Further study to determine enforceability and impacts of the different environmental laws for environmental protection and conservation is recommended.


Land use management; Land degradation; Laws; Ordinances; Southern Leyte


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/ -Features -of -Republic -Act -7160


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