The Role of Functional Literacy in Productive Employment in the Context of Regional Economies

Melbert O. Hungo, Criselyn S. Sescon


This study aims to determine the influence of the predetermined determinants to unemployment rate. Furthermore, this study assumes that unemployment rate is affected by literacy rate, minimum wage rate and the population among regions in the Philippines. The data used were acquired from the National Statistics Authority such as unemployment rate as dependent variable and literacy rate, minimum wage rate and population by region as independent variables. The study was mining data from the data sets and utilized multiple-regression analysis using Eureqa software. It was found out that the independent variables showed to have impact on the increase and decrease of unemployment rate. However, among the predictors, the Literacy rate contributed greatly to influence the increase of unemployment rate. Therefore, it was concluded that the greater the literacy rate in regions, the higher the unemployment rate it would become.


Unemployment rate; Literacy rate; Minimum wage rate; Population rate; Multiple regression model


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