On the Effects of Albedo Increase through Reflective Roofing on Philippine Urban Atmospheric Temperature: Real-Time Parameter Inputs

Joey A. Caraquil, Marie Khul C. Langub, Rex M. Lucino


With global warming as one of the major concerns today, people try to find ways to control factors that affect atmospheric temperature. One of which is surface albedo. Akbari, et al. (2009), asserts that the use of modern reflective roofing and pavement materials can increase urban surface albedo by 0.1. This study utilized an agent-based simulation model in an experiment to verify whether this increase would bring about significant cooling of Philippine urban atmosphere. Real data obtained from reliable sources were used to set parameter values in the model. Simulation results showed that if the current levels of CO2 concentration and cloud cover would persist, such increase in albedo is not enough to significantly lower urban atmospheric temperature.


Climate change; Urban cooling; Simulation

Full Text:

JSET 003


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