Taxicab Tracking System with Cloud Data Logging using the Internet of Things

Maiso Sercon, Adrian Melgo, Ailyn Ompad, Maria Gemel Palconit, Jun-Jun Obiso


Riding in a taxicab is a common mode of public transportation. Due to its accessibility, it is very susceptible to robbery. The only security measure is the installation of the emergency light indicator at the top of the taxicab. This light indicator has problems on visibility and awareness. To address this problem, a tracking system which can send key information via Short Message Service (SMS) to the dedicated receiver is developed. Such information contains the driver’s location, car body and license numbers, and location coordinates with the utilization of the Global Positioning System (GPS). The system enables the user to track the coordinates and timing details using the Internet of Things (IoT) platform. The real time activities inside the taxicab can be retrieved using the camera through the Secure Digital(SD) card. During robbery,the nearby people can be alerted by triggering the toggle switch placed at the back of the steering wheel which then displays a blinking distress message—HELP at the top of the taxicab using a matrix display panel. To test the reliability of the system, the following experiments were conducted in three different locations within Cebu, Philippines: SMS delay test,reliability test of localized coordinates using Global Systems for Mobile(GSM), GPS repeatability test,camera capture test and data logging test. Experiment results verified that the designed system can effectively perform its desired functions. The integration of this system in taxicabs can alleviate and can help solve the robbery cases.


GPS tracking; Cloud data logging; Taxicab tracking; Taxicab security system; Internet of Things


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