Effects of Carbon Source on the Production of Lovastatin by Aspergillus niger van Tieghem under Submerged Fermentation

Lara Jessa L. Oyong


This study aimed to determine the effects of interaction between carbon sources (lactose, honey and glucose as the control) in four different incubation periods (3, 6, 9 and 12 days) with 1% w/v and 2% w/v concentrations. Results showed that honey was the best carbon source in producing lovastatin with an average concentration of 827.11± 382.20 µg mL-1. One percent (w/v) of carbon source produced 1084.00 ± 188.70 µg mL-1 of lovastatin which is higher than the one produced at 2% (w/v) (396.30± 102.44 µg mL-1). Highest yield (815.82 ± 469.07 µg   mL-1) of lovastatin was obtained on the sixth day of incubation using honey as carbon source.ss


Lovastatin production; A. niger van Tieghem; carbon source


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