Electro-Static Discharge (ESD)
Graphic User Interface (GUI)

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It is essential to properly receive, store, pack, handle and ship electronics and semiconductor materials. However, small electronic stores and owners don’t have enough knowledge to handle these materials properly. This procedure often causes material damage and can go undetected. Electronically Managed Storage and Dispenser Unit provides convenience and ease in locating and securing semiconductor components. It aims to provide security and proper storage system intended for semiconductors and electronics. It was programmed with a microcontroller coordinated with Graphic User Interface (GUI). The system has a built-in humidity and temperature control mechanism, proper material for protection against Electro-static discharge (ESD) and an adequate ventilation system. It was evaluated by electronic store owners and proved to have an accuracy of 100%, timeliness of three seconds, which is 12 times faster than newly hired staff and five times compared to trained staff in locating the components, and a temperature between 26.39°C to 27.65°C inside each compartment. Overall, the system advances the manual method of deploying and storing components safely, efficiently, and effectively.



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